Anonymous asked: what is in the spirit work shrine that has the ouija in it??

Lots of things! There’s a coyote skull, a woodpecker skull, a shrew skeleton, some coyote toe bones, pinecones, the ashes of my grandmother and my childhood cat, a beetle encased in resin, sweetgum seeds, a rose quartz cabochon, a sprig of eucalyptus, a fluffy gray feather, a dried rose, an antique photo of two unknown little boys, a little black and white coin-looking thing, and an old photo of my great grandparents who passed away.

I’ve actually added a few things since that photo was posted; now there’s a preserved baby alligator head, a seashell from St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery in New Orleans, a very small piece of Marie Laveau’s grave*, a preserved chicken foot, some more dried flowers, a rabbit figurine, and a big chunk of dried honeycomb.

*Regarding the piece of her grave: Her grave was in the process of being restored when we visited, and the workers were chipping off all of the paint and throwing it away to work on the rotting bricks underneath. I just took a piece that fell on the ground near my feet and left a piece of amethyst behind that I had brought with me. The workers did not care, I did it out of respect and admiration, and I would not have taken it if it would have compromised the structure of her grave.

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back.

I’ve been a bit out of touch with my spirituality and craft lately, but I’m starting to feel pulled back into it. Got a few projects and posts in the works, and it feels good. Life has been up and down for me in the past few months; I dropped out of college, and am now looking for a full time job to pay the rent and various bills.

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Anonymous asked: Hello I was wondering could you please tell me what is shadow work? :)

I actually wrote a pretty lengthy post about this a few months ago that might be of help to you, here it is: Shadow Work — What it is and how to do it

Scooped up some goodies when I went to Mammoth Cave, KY last week. You can click the photos to read the captions.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you knew about any witchy practice that heavily incorporated painting/drawing/making of art into rituals and spells?


I can’t think of one particular tradition off the top of my head, but if you’re into art/paintings/etc, I would suggest incorporating them into your own practice!

Have you tried creating your own sigils, or maybe making your spellbook with your own illustrations, etc? I would also suggest drawing ritual circles to work in — those can be great fun!


Just to add, I wrote up this list of ideas on incorporating fine art and witchcraft if you were interested!


Okay, I was just wondering…how can I make some of my stones into jewelry? I have tons of stones to use, but I have no idea how to get them onto a chain without possibly damaging them. I want to try wire-wrapping, but I’m nervous about them falling out. I’d like to make a ring, necklace, bracelet, and/or headdress.

Anything and everything would be appreciated, no matter how basic or advanced. I am very new in this, and all information would help me out greatly.

Any help/comments/suggestions?

Wire-wrapping isn’t too hard, but you should also look into macrame! I used hemp to wrap a piece of jasper for a talisman, I think I used this tutorial to learn how. It took a couple of tries but I was really pleased with the result.


One of my favorite things to do is to go into antique shops and wander around.  This is because a) I love old things and b) it allows me to practice feeling out and pinpointing spirits.

The only downside to this is whenever I find old dolls.  I find dolls a little creepy anyway, but when you have residual energy or a spirit attached, NOPE!

I love doing this too!! I recently went to our town’s antique mall and it was chock full of weird vibes. There was this painting I found of this creepy blue clown that definitely had some unsettling energy, I noped out of there real quick after finding it.

Anonymous asked: Do you know any blogs run by Pagans who are Agnostic or don't recognize any dieties? I've had a lot of trouble finding blogs to follow that have similar views, and while all these blogs with different belief systems are all amazing, it'd be nice to follow a couple who are more aligned with my own personal stuff as well.


I don’t really know any off the top of my head, but let’s see if anyone will respond to this. So check on the notes if anyone replies or reblogs.


I don’t consider myself an agnostic, because I do believe in the existence of deities, but I don’t worship any, or really have any desire to do so, at least at this point in my life. My belief system is not based around the existence of deities.

Basic Warding Jar



p u r p o s e - To dispel, eradicate, and keep away negative and harmful energy.

s u p p l i e s

  • various herbs and oils*
    (I used mugwort, mint, sage, parsley, eucalyptus, green tea, geranium oil, and sweet marjoram oil)
  • jar with lid
  • dragons blood incense
  • permanent marker

is there an alternative herb I could use from sage?
I’m allergic to it, which makes warding spells difficult for me to craft D:

Yes, actually! For this particular spell, I really recommend using ingredients that you personally associate with safety and protection. So you could use an oil whose scent makes you feel safe at home, or your favorite flower that comforts you, etc. Basically, use whatever makes YOU feel protected.


I’m Elle. 
That’s not my real name but I want this to be anonymous. I’m trying to figure out what I believe in, or rather, what path I want to take…I have no idea where to start or how. I am a cynic by nature and it’s hard to accept that I want to take this seriously or that I might believe in anything, in anyway. I mean, I do believe in things. I believe in the world around me, in the stars, in the sky, in love, friendship and kindness, in animals and nature and science and history and words…I feel a bit silly whenever I talk about it…But I need a hand with this, I really do. I stumbled onto this and I felt like it was where I belonged after years and years of being surrounded by Catholicism and my own personal thoughts of agnosticism and atheism. 

Hey there, welcome! I’m here if you want to talk, and you don’t have to worry about me thinking you’re silly at all. I was in the same boat as you not too long ago!